In UNLEASH THE WARRIOR, we show you how to optimise and train your self defence strikes, techniques or movements in five simple steps.

Use UNLEASH THE WARRIOR to be introduced to or to practice your skills further.

This session covers the SIDE KICK. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Start from a distance where you can reach beyond the target with an extended leg by c.20-30cm by making a small step sideways.

  2. Maintaining a side profile towards the target and hands up in front of you, make a stomping motion step with the far leg behind the closest leg to the target, slightly bending the base leg knee to put all your body weight onto this leg and into a forward momentum. Point the base leg heel directly towards the target.

  3. As you commence the step with the base leg, simultaneously start a very fast upward motion with your kicking leg, moving it towards the target. Either lift the knee close to you and extend the leg, or extend it in an upwards circular fashion.

  4. Connect with the target at centre of body (mid-abdomen) with the whole of your foot and extend the leg as if to break the spine.

  5. Once fully extended, recoil as fast as you can, maintaining the kicking leg knee high until recoiled back. Place the kicking leg down where you need to tactically.

Find much more about this skill in our online courses available at: www.Spartans-Edu.org. Look for: SIDE KICK.

Read more about it in our MASTERCLASSES by clicking link in bio and search: SIDE KICK.

To train private or by appointment: www.KravMaga-Academy.co.uk/private-tuition

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