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“A fantastic, informative page headed by an incredible Instructor.” - Hannah, UK.

“Orjan is a fantastic instructor! He's always willing to help me perfect my moves, with great patience! And he's made me feel more and more confident! Krav Maga has been incredibly positive in my life, not just in helping me be able to better defend myself if the occasion arised, but mentally it has made me so much stronger. Thank you Orjan!” - Joy, Kuwait. 

“Great guy to be trained by. Patient and skilled. Genuine in his concern for students.” - Phil, UK. 

“Orjan is an excellent and inspiring Krav Maga instructor who’s knowledge and eduction is comprehensive and immensely useful in real world situations.” - Lee, UK. 

“Incredibly well educated instructor who has learnt from the very best in the world. Being a black belt 2nd dan under Itay Gil & Gheorghe Husar confirms his status as a top top instructor of Self defence & Krav Maga. If you get a chance to train with this guy... do it !!!!” - Pete, UK. 

“Always a very interesting read.” - Michael, UK. 

“Great page written by a real good instructor, kida.” - Mike, The Netherlands. 

“I recommend... Krav Maga can make a big difference in lives of these people provided a training is tailored for them.“ - Arun, India.

“Your page is really awesome’. - Alex, USA. 

“The Krav Maga Educator blog is superb’. - Phil, UK. 

“Excellent! The best you can read!” - Jorge, Brazil. 

“Always the most valuable info on Instagram” - Simon, USA. 

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