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The Krav Maga Educator Orjan Pettersen has been recognised with a further prestigious award in the world of martial arts. 

Nominated by the Israeli Martial Arts Federation (FIMA) based in the USA, Orjan Pettersen has been awarded martial art’s international ’INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR’ at the 15th annual London International Hall of Fame 2020 awards.

These international awards are the longest running martial arts awards in Europe and are open to the global martial arts community. 

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga and its people-before-profit Krav Maga United Kingdom network where he instructs, was also awarded the coveted ‘FEDERATION AWARD’ 2020 for its international work. 

Winners this year came from the USA, UK, Israel, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Holland, Mexico, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Australia, Panama, Chile and Nepal. They included many well-known names from martial arts and combat sports.

These accolades follow earlier success this year where Orjan Pettersen picked up a global award as ‘Esteemed Modern Warrior’ for his work at the 25th Academy Awards of Martial Arts, the most prestigious martial arts awards in the world, held in Atlantic City, NJ, USA in January. 

Orjan Pettersen is inducted into martial arts Hall of Fame in the USA and UK in 2020. 

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