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The Krav Maga Educator supports Spartans Academy’s international partnership network of schools under the Krav Maga United Kingdom (KMUK) umbrella. 

The Krav Maga Educator is a digital service dedicated to education on personal safety and third party protection without a commercial agenda. 

Made available to the global Krav Maga and self defence community on a not-for-profit-basis it has no cost, marketing or branding affinity to wider products or commercial enterprises. 

This not-for-profit approach is also the philosophy of Krav Maga United Kingdom. This network of global Krav Maga and self defence schools is created for the purpose of designing, developing and delivering the most practical, realistic and effective self defence solutions. 

KMUK puts students first. The network is not about making profits, but to help people stay safe and protected in their daily lives. 

Professionally, friendly and welcoming, KMUK supports Krav Maga schools and organisations, as well as the private, public and charitable sectors - anywhere. 

All KMUK instructors and students are free to practice with whom they please (i.e. with any Kraver or Martial Artist from any location, country or organisation) and train together by joining each other’s instructor training, events and classes.

We are one big Krav Maga Family. 

Could you benefit from training and working with Krav Maga Masters and Experts but without big organisation/federation fees?

KMUK is looking for more exciting schools and organisations to join its revolutionary Krav Maga network. 

Open to participants across the UK, Europe and the world - with no membership fee. 

No costs. No tie-in. No agenda. 

Only mutual advancement. Because with Krav Maga United Kingdom, people come before profit. 

Get in touch today at:

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