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January 25th 2020

Gheorghe Husar and Orjan Pettersen have both picked up prestigious international awards for their work in Krav Maga and self defence. 

Across every martial art in the world, our school has been recognised as leading and worthy of distinguished recognition. 

After Gheorghe first picking up the international title of ‘Israeli Martial Arts School of the Year 2020’, Gheorghe and Orjan were jointly on stage being celebrated in front of the world’s leading martial arts community by being rewarded with the title of ‘ESTEEMED MODERN WARRIOR 2020’, reflecting their work with and through Spartans Academy of Krav Maga and Engage Academy Solutions.

During a 1200-seat ‘Academy Awards of Martial Arts’ banqueting dinner tonight, held at the biggest martial arts convention in the world in Atlantic City, near New York City, Gheorghe Husar and Orjan Pettersen have made every Spartan immensely proud. 

Both have been attending the world’s biggest three-day martial arts exposition, arranged by ‘Action Martial Arts Magazine’, a leading US martial arts media and publishing company, which is been held for its twentieth year this January and is visited by many thousands of people from the global martial arts and fitness community.

Gheorghe and Orjan have showcased and represented Spartans Academy of Krav Maga and Engage Academy Solutions (EngageMovie) with the leading martial arts masters, champions, superstars, film actors and celebrities from around the world.

The awards reflect the international work both have conducted in the last couple of years, developing and modernising Krav Maga to a greater international audience, including into the USA, especially our work designing and delivering teaching and training involving science, psychology, medical and legal aspects of pre-, in- and post-fight management.

We have also revolutionised access to Krav Maga through the Engage Academy digital solutions (, especially the first-ever Krav Maga mini-series ‘Levelling the Score’ and our new ‘Global Safe Program’, where we have been the creative and producing forces behind new access platforms to self defence and Krav Maga.

The work we have done is also recognised for its transparency and progressive approach; delivering it in a not-for-profit network of schools (Spartans Academy and Krav Maga United Kingdom) into the international arena, particularly active in Europe and the US in 2019.

We are exceedingly thrilled at the recognition received in Atlantic City and all Spartans students and instructors can justifiably raise a glass to celebrate our success last night! 

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