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This is your opportunity to become an instructor and add Krav Maga to your existing martial arts school or even open your own stand-alone Krav Maga training centre - or just to train as a practitioner to develop your self defence skills. 

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga offers a coveted, best-in-class Krav Maga Instructor Course led by Master Gheorghe Husar, one of the most respected and leading self defence experts in the world, as well as distance learning for any student, regardless of experience or current affiliation. 

Developed to fit a learning experience where you stay in control, providing a combination of online video learning, private videoconferencing mentoring and in-person group training, the course is designed to minimise your travel and accommodation costs whilst maximising your time management and opportunity for commitment. 

The instructor course is divided into three parts, of which the first two gives you the opportunity for online video pre-learning, follow-up at-home practice and supplementary private online mentoring at your home location prior to testing via video conferencing. The final part is a group section across two full weekends leading to a concluding in-person examination. 

Other self defence practitioners can practice through their own courses at a pace and convenience that suits them. The online content is available for a monthly fee and remains accessible for up to 30 days after ending payments. 

We are renowned in our approach in setting new and improved standards within our original concept of Krav Maga, revolutionising the design, development and delivery of self defence training. Our Krav Maga is created in partnership with world-renowned Krav Maga Master Prof. Itay Gil and includes a richness of associated fields relevant to the teaching of effective self defence.  

Successful completion of the instructor course is dependent on meeting specific criteria at the end of each section of the course, concluding with the final examination of both Krav Maga skills and teaching abilities. 

Following a successful completion, you will be awarded a Krav Maga Instructor certification recognised by FIMA, Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, Krav Maga United Kingdom and authorised by Master Gheorghe Husar, representative of FIMAProtect Israeli Security Solutions and Chief Instructor of Engage Academy, Krav Maga United Kingdom and Spartans Academy of Krav Maga.

Successful candidates will have access to continued professional support and development from some of the best Krav Maga Masters and Experts in the world through our people-before-profit network Krav Maga United Kingdom, including multi-annual instructor development and updates, free personal mentoring, social media support and access to the intellectual subject matter capital of all participants in the network.


KM1 and KM2 will be run online. After each part candidates will be tested via zoom or they can come to one of our training sessions in order to be tested.

You must pass both KM1 and KM2 to get onto KM3.

KM3 will be dedicated to teaching methodologies and management. The applicants will attend 40 hours (5 days) of training split in 2 parts (Friday-Saturday-Sunday; Saturday-Sunday). 

The Premium Course for practitioners also include a certificate upon completion. 

T&Cs apply. 

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