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The Krav Maga Educator is edited and published by Spartans Academy Expert Level coach Orjan Pettersen.


As an Expert Krav Maga educator, I work with civilians and security professionals across all private, public and charitable sectors in the UK, Europe and further afield, teaching, promoting and developing close quarter combat and personal protection skills. 

Originally from Norway, I live in Yorkshire, England and teach through Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, a leading school which is the founder of a not-for-profit international Krav Maga network, Krav Maga United Kingdom (KMUK). 

Our school is also affiliated with a UK martial arts federation, the British Combat Organisation (BCA) and a leading global federation based in the USA, the Israeli Martial Arts Federation (FIMA).

I’m also an instructor with Engage Academy Solutions, which is a ground-breaking Krav Maga solutions provider based in the UK and US, providing digital and on-location recognised training solutions, as well as creating revolutionary digital film material on Krav Maga and self defence. 

As an instructor and educator in Krav Maga (Expert, E3), I teach UK and European civilians, private and public sector, law enforcement, security industry and armed forces on close quarter combat, close protection and self defence. 

Accredited to instruct by world leading experts, including Itay Gil, Chief Instructor to the world's leading Israeli counter-terror warfare and hostage rescue special forces unit (Yamam), undercover Police (Yamas) and Head of Training Security to the Israeli President's Office and other international Heads of State and Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar (E4, ex-IKMF, KMG and KMC). 

My Krav Maga qualifications are: 

Krav Maga Self Defence Trainer. Accredited by Haim Sasson, Krav Maga Core International. UK, August 2014.

Krav Maga Civilian Instructor. Accredited by Gheorghe Husar, Spartans Academy of Krav Maga/Krav Maga United Kingdom. UK, February 2015.

Protect Krav Maga Instructor. Accredited by Prof. Itay Gil, CEO - Protect Israeli Security Solutions. Combat Training School, Israel, December 2015.

UK Police Firearms Officer Test (ACPO) passed (100%). EuroTactical Ltd, France, July 2017.

High Threat Region (Middle East/Africa) Hostile Environment Training. OC Bespoke Training, UK, September 2017.

Expert Level 1 (E1) qualification. Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, Romania, August 2018.

Expert Level (E2) qualification. Protect Israeli Security Solutions. Accredited by Prof. Itay Gil. UK, April 2019.

Instructor, Israeli Martial Arts Federation (FIMA). USA, November 2019.

First Response Emergency Care (FREC), QNUK Level 2 Award in Life Support (RQF) (annual renewal) by OC Bespoke Training. UK, November 2019.

‘Esteemed Modern Warrior 2020’, Academy Awards of Martial Arts, Atlantic City, NJ, USA, January 2020.

International martial arts ‘Instructor of the Year’ 2020, London International Hall of Fame, London, UK, October 2020.

International martial arts ‘Instructor of the Year’ 2021, London International Hall of Fame, London, UK, June 2021. 

Martial arts Hall of Fame Inductee in the US 2020 and UK 2020, 2021. 

Expert Level 3 (E3) qualification. Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, UK, June 2021.

Orjan Pettersen, 

Expert (E3) Instructor

Krav Maga Black Belt 3rd Dan


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