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In UNLEASH THE WARRIOR, we show you how to optimise and train your self defence strikes, techniques or movements in five simple steps.

Use UNLEASH THE WARRIOR to be introduced to or practice your skills further.

This session covers the SOFT BREAK-FALL BACKWARDS.

Knowing how to fall correctly and efficiently is an important skill in self defence because defending violence whilst on the floor (think: multiple attackers and weapons being used) is a very difficult task to achieve.

The soft break-fall backwards - or; how to fall backwards when one or two feet are still in contact with the ground - is key for three purposes; 1. To fall without injury, 2. To fall ready to fight and 3. To fall ready to move or immediately stand up.

This is how you do a soft break-fall backwards:

  1. Drop chin down towards chest (to avoid head bouncing onto the floor). Keep this head position whilst falling and whilst on the ground.

  2. Move hands up in front of your torso, with elbows in front of your lower chest/abdomen (to avoid elbows bouncing onto the floor and with hands up ready to protect you on landing. Keep hands in this position throughout the fall.

  3. Lower your glutes (as if you’re sitting down) towards the ground, aiming to fall on an angle to the side connecting with the floor with only one side of the glutes.

  4. Continue the fall by rolling on the same side along the back (to protect the spine from uneven surfaces or objects on the floor) until the shoulders connect. Exhale on impact to prevent being winded. Stop the movement by keeping the opposite foot onto the floor throughout the falling motion (to avoid the momentum forcing you to roll over).

  5. The falling-side foot should be moved back into a position with the knee out and sole of the foot in a 90° angle with the heel close to the opposite knee with toes out, protecting the groin from a kick, whilst recoiled and ready to kick out if required.

Locate it by searching ‘UNLEASH’ on our website home page (LINK IN BIO).

Read more about it in our MASTERCLASSES and MASTERCLASS PRO (for combinations) by clicking link in bio and search: SOFT BREAK-FALL.

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