In UNLEASH THE WARRIOR, we show you how to optimise and train your self defence strikes, techniques or movements in five simple steps.

Use UNLEASH THE WARRIOR to be introduced to or practice your skills further.

This session covers the DOUBLE FOREARM STRIKE.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. With hands up, bent elbows and away from your face, send your shoulders and arms forward.

  2. As they move, turn the outside bony part of your forearms towards the attacker, with elbows low, hands facing each other and forearms approximately shoulder width apart. Don’t lower your hands.

  3. Connect this rigid arm frame onto the attackers neck, throat or face with the other forearm aiming towards their arm, close to wrist. Recoil fast or drive forward to stay connected with your target.

  4. Move straight forward, just slightly angled so your head (kept low) is aimed towards the attacker’s shoulder and not their striking hand (which may contain a weapon).

  5. Apply the strike in both in-fight or preemptively.

Find much more about this skill in our online courses available at: www.Spartans-Edu.org. Look for: DOUBLE FOREARM STRIKE.

Read more about it in our MASTERCLASSES and MASTERCLASS PRO (for combinations) by clicking link in bio and search: DOUBLE.

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