The MASTERCLASS gives key information on how to optimise a Krav Maga strike or technique.

This MASTERCLASS covers the STRIKE AGAINST A CIRCULAR HAND ATTACK TO THE HEAD, or as some call it a ‘360° defence’ or a ‘block’ against a punch.

As far as terminology is important, we describe this action as a ‘strike’ rather than a ‘block’ as the intent and reaction of the movement is to hit the attacking arm as forcefully as possible rather than executing a defensive action.

This is the Krav Maga mindset; aggressive and uncompromising, attacking simultaneously as defending, when possible.

Scenario: Deployed as an in-fight solution or reaction to an attack, this simple and instinctive action is designed to deal with the most common of assaults; the circular hand strike towards the head, or if you like; a punch or a cheap shot.

This protective response is then immediately followed up by other aggressive and offensive actions. (See our MASTERCLASS PRO for other striking combinations).


From a hands up position with hands partially overlapping in front of you and away (to create a shield in front of your face and preventing the aggressor to get too close), send your forearm matching the circular hand strike diagonally outwards with your elbow low and wrist high (securing a longer shield with the forearm covering up to your head height).

Picture: Keep out of range of any strikes with hands up to protect yourself is the right self protection option. This also places your hands and arms ready to strike.

This is an aggressive strike movement, hitting hard with the outside bony part of your forearm near the wrist against the opponent’s wrist.

Picture your forearm as a blade that wants to chop their hand off. Don’t hold off with this strike. It’s NOT a block or a soft shielding motion.

Executed with your elbows locked at c. 90 degrees or so, it is aimed at inflicting sufficient pain to the inside forearm tendons near the attacker’s wrist to open the palm (if it holds a weapon) if possible.

Picture: Strike with your outside bony part of the forearm against the tendons on the inside of the attacker’s arm. This is a forceful hitting momentum, not a softer shielding motion.

The other hand remain in front of you to protect your face or stay ready to strike if necessary.

Recoil the striking hand immediately to the starting position upon impact.

Now, commence further attacking options such as groin or low (diagonal) kicks or hand strikes such as straight punches or if closer, elbow strikes.

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Further strikes are then available if needed. See our MASTERCLASSES and MASTERCLASS PRO for options.

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