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MASTERCLASS | SIDE KICK | by Orjan Pettersen

Each week MASTERCLASS gives you brief but key information on how to optimise a simple Krav Maga strike or technique.

A side kick is a primary striking choice as it’s the longer range option available to you when you become aware of a threat, but either unable or too late to turn to face it. Therefore, practice it extensively.

Optimise the strike by:

Turn head towards target, with optimal peripheral vision to detect the fullest range of vision of your previous blind spot.

Keep chin down and protected by the near shoulder, lock onto the target, and maintain the ‘lock on’ for the duration of the kick.

Hands come up, near hand close to you (primed to strike), far hand across the torso (for protection). Hands remain in this position throughout.

Make a very short step (skip) placing the far foot behind the to-be kicking leg (if you need to close the range to the target), with the heel facing the target, ensuring optimal mobility in the hip for the kick.

Make sure you have a slight drop of the base leg knee, acting like a suspension, to aid your balance during the motion.

Maintain a small side profile towards the target, lift knee (as you skip) and extend the leg aiming a foot (30cm) beyond the target, connecting with the full sole of the foot, recoiling the leg fast upon extension to transfer energy quickly.

Maintain knee at connection height to target area as you recoil, before foot is put down in the most optimal tactical position, depending on your next planned action.

The choice of target area is dependent on your flexibility and purpose of kick; e.g. knee, centre mass (abdomen) or chest.

Breathe out as you strike.

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