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Each week MASTERCLASS gives you brief but key information on how to optimise a simple Krav Maga strike or technique.

In our previous Masterclass we covered how to fall backwards correctly and efficiently in order to; 1. Fall without injury, 2. Fall ready to fight straight away and 3. Fall ready to move or to immediately stand up.

This week’s class will cover how to move and stand up from the floor.

Check out the previous class to familiarise yourself with the position on the floor before proceeding to this lesson.

(See photo, starting position on the floor. Use this photo as reference for movement sequences).

To stand up and run backwards from the floor position:

Drop the left leg down whilst maintaining the angle of the leg. Simultaneously drop the left hand down close to the body.

Move your right foot over and across to your left side, planting the sole of your foot onto the floor as far up towards your left shoulder as comfortable. Maintain your right arm up to protect your head as you move.

Push off with your right foot and start running. Check behind you as you run for pursuers and keep your hands up for the first few steps to deal with any barriers or obstacles in your way.

To stand up facing forwards to deal with any threat facing you:

Maintain the right foot close to your gluteus as you drop your left hand and forearm onto the floor, again close to your body.

As you drop your left hand and forearm down, roll your body towards your bent left knee, 45 degrees to the side (not straight forward and up) until you can elevate your body up from the floor, with only your right foot and left palm touching the ground. Maintain your right arm up throughout to protect your torso and head. Lift your body up.

Retract your elevated and bent left leg between your right foot and left palm, underneath your elevated body, before pushing off with your right leg backwards to create further space between you and any threat.

Land with your right foot forward, left foot a bit further back and on your ball of the foot, feet around shoulder width apart in a well-balanced position, with your hands up and in front of you. You are now positioned to fight if needed.

To move in circular motion on the floor, to face a threat from a different angle:

Elevate your upper body as high as possible to minimise the contact (friction) with the ground (like an abs crunch).

Keep the leg already on the floor onto the ground, but as close to your gluteus as comfortable to be able to push your body in a circular motion with it. Hands remain up as shown on the picture throughout any movement. No elbows should be touching the floor.

Kick off with the foot opposite to the direction you want to move in. This may mean you need to change feet positions around as you initiate or change directions.

Move in a circular fashion, with your lower back/gluteus as the central point of the moving circle. Keep changing your feet positions to quickly move into the opposite direction as part of your training.

Practice how to stand up and move, including how to immediately stand up without any movement on the floor, as this should be your primary aim whenever falling. Always practice this Masterclass by using the soft break-fall backwards first.

Self defence is not ground martial arts sport and if facing multiple attackers or weapons, staying on the floor is the last place you want to be. Train this until it’s second nature.

Next week: How to kick from the floor, towards knees, groin, chest or head.

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