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Each week MASTERCLASS gives you brief but key information on how to optimise a simple Krav Maga strike or technique.

In our NEW and EASY format, these are broken down in short and simple steps for you to train.

This MASTERCLASS covers the defence against ELBOW STRIKE TO THE NECK OR FACE. This is a close range and devastating strike and if executed with power and speed can be a game-changer or game-stopper in any fight. Because of the short distance to target, it is also a very difficult strike to avoid or defend against. Practice it extensively.

Our MASTERCLASS shows you how to do this in a few simple steps:

  1. Only use strike if within a foot or so of the target, or you can reach this range with a very small step.

  2. Whether in-fight or pre-fight, this strike is done when keeping your hand up and between between your head your opponent’s face. Your non-striking hand stays in this position throughout the strike.

  3. Strike by sending your elbow forward on a trajectory where you can strike slightly diagonally downwards. This is to avoid connecting with your opponent’s shoulder if elevated.

  4. Aim to connect either at the neck or near the jawline of your opponent.

  5. Do not aim with your elbow joint (small striking surface) but with the area of your forearm just below the elbow itself. Keep the arm relaxed with no closed fist during the striking motion.

  6. Connect diagonally downward onto the neck or face. Aim to strike through the target.

  7. Breathe out during the strike. Recoil immediately after impact.

  8. Continue with more strikes as needed or check the area around you and escape. See our Masterclasses or Masterclasses Pro for more options.

Pictures: Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar (right) filming with The Krav Maga Educator Orjan Pettersen for online tutorials.

Find the full video in Spartans Academy of Krav Maga  courses on

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