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Each week MASTERCLASS gives you brief but key information on how to optimise a simple Krav Maga strike or technique.

In our NEW and EASY format, these are broken down in 10 simple steps for you to train.

This MASTERCLASS covers the defence against BEARHUG FROM BEHIND WITH ARMS TRAPPED HIGH at shoulder level where the assailant is using both arms to move, control or restrain you, possibly for a second attacker to deliver strikes to you unopposed.

You need to release yourself from this grab quickly. Our MASTERCLASS shows you how to do this in 10 steps:

  1. Quickly rebalance yourself if moved forwards or backwards by the attacker by using small steps.

  2. Send both your hands up with palms facing in to grab and squeeze each forearm towards your chest to prevent the arms moving further up towards your neck.

  3. Send your head backwards to strike towards the attacker’s face with a head butt.

  4. As you return your head, drop it down towards one shoulder and lift the opposite elbow upwards as high as you can.

  5. This motion creates a space that you can next squeeze your head and upper body through.

  6. Simultaneously, step slightly in front and across the foot below your dropped chin with the opposite foot as your shoulder that you’re looking towards starts to slide across the attacker’s chest.

  7. Continue this slide by ‘brushing’ your lowered head underneath the attacker’s upper arm. Hold onto the attacker’s arms as you do this.

  8. As you slide underneath, bring your near leg with you and as you complete the ‘brushing’ underneath, step forward and close to your attacker’s matching leg as far forward as possible. The attacker’s forearm should now be between your head and your shoulder joint, protecting your head.

  9. As you land with this step, bring the other leg into a groin strike (using your lower to mid quad area) onto the attacker. Repeat if required, driving the attacker backwards.

  10. If more strikes are required, continue with these such as open palm strikes to the face, arm strikes to the face or neck or takedowns. (See our Masterclasses and Masterclass Pro for striking options).

Pictures: Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar filming with The Krav Maga Educator Orjan Pettersen for online tutorials.

Find the full video in Spartans Academy of Krav Maga  courses on

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