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Your legs make up around 50% of your body height and provide the base for all your Krav Maga movement. They provide a solid base for arm and hand strikes and a vital kicking force themselves.

How you use them is therefore critical.

Sadly underestimated and undertrained by many, overlooking your legs will diminish your self defence capabilities significantly.

As a Krav Maga practitioner you’ve learned the main principles of leg work. Push off with leg opposite to direction moved, always maintain the same stable base with shorter steps and use pivoting action to shift direction easily during a fight.

Failing to gain instinctive proficiency in your legwork will have negative repercussions on almost everything else in Krav Maga.

You will not be in a good balanced position, unable to balance weight easily, apply momentum, switch direction, absorb impact or move using your legs as a power base.

Your arm and hand strikes will suffer with less power and mass behind them.

Your kicks will suffer the same, and delayed as you shuffle your legs into positions.

Your movement into or out of positions will not be optimally balanced, fast or strong.

Pay attention to your base. It’s 50% in size, but more in terms of overall capability. Spend time in all your training sessions, whether gym, class or dojo, to train your base movement, even just as a regular warm up.

You’ll be surprised how much easier everything else becomes as a result.

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