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ONE MORE | THE SQUAT KICK | by Orjan Pettersen

ONE MORE is our precise advice on improving a specific physical exercise aimed at improving your power, speed and agility to become the best self defence practitioner you can be.

In this session we cover: The Squat Kick

The Squat Kick is a superb exercise for all martial arts practitioners or for lower body physical training in general.

It work primary muscle groups such as the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves and also engages secondary muscles such as the hip flexors and adductors.

No equipment is needed for the exercise and it works both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

The Squat Kick helps build speed of kicks, balance, procedural (implicit) memory and mental endurance as the exercise tires you.

How to do the Squat Kick:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart in an upright position, and hands up protecting your face.

Squat down deep as far as your mobility allows and move up.

As you stand up, move your right or left left knee up in front of you and extend your leg out in front.

Recoil the leg back and begin the squat again immediately.

On the next standing up, switch and kick the other leg.

Repeat either as a fixed number or time target.

The depth of the squat and the speed of the exercise will determine the effect of it.

Check it out on the website by searching ‘ONE MORE’.

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