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In ASK AI, our brand new feature, we use artificial intelligence to ask questions around self defence. Let’s find out what the collective intelligence of the internet says. We asked: What’s the best way to train Krav Maga? Read the answer below.

“The best way to train Krav Maga is by finding a reputable and certified instructor or training center. Look for instructors who have extensive experience and certifications from recognised Krav Maga organizations. They should have a solid understanding of the techniques, principles, and real-world applications of Krav Maga.

Regular training and consistent practice are essential for mastering Krav Maga. It's important to attend classes regularly and dedicate sufficient time to training. Krav Maga combines physical techniques with mental conditioning, so it's important to engage both aspects in your training.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to supplement your training with physical fitness exercises that improve strength, endurance, and flexibility. Krav Maga places a strong emphasis on conditioning, as real-world self-defense situations can be physically demanding.

Finally, it's crucial to train with a realistic mindset and recognize that self-defense is about protecting yourself in real-life situations. This means practicing techniques at full speed and intensity, using protective gear when appropriate, and simulating realistic scenarios during training.

Remember, training in Krav Maga should focus on developing practical skills, building confidence, and promoting situational awareness to ensure you can effectively defend yourself if necessary.”

Do you agree? Let us know.

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