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ONE MORE | THE PULL-UP | by Orjan Pettersen

ONE MORE is our precise advice on improving a specific physical exercise aimed at improving your power, speed and agility to become the best self defence practitioner you can be.

In this session we cover: The Pull-Up.

The pull-up is an upper-body strength exercise working multiple muscle groups such as the upper back, the shoulders, the arms and grip strength.

The pull-up is a closed-chain movement where the body is suspended by the hands using an overhand grip and you pull yourself up as your elbows flex and they are brought towards your torso.

These muscle groups are beneficial in close quarter self defence scenarios such as bearhugs, grabs, chokes, attacks on the ground or controlling an aggressor with physical force.

Developing strength in these areas will help your self defence skills immensely.

For many, the pull-up is an ‘ego-exercise’ to count reps with or in CrossFit is used in a very dynamic way (‘kipping’) to generate reps for competition purposes. It can sometimes lead to injuries if done incorrectly or with too much (unprepared) mobility.

We are presenting a method that will both keep your training safe but also optimise your strength development with a smart approach.

Firstly, don’t add any weight to the pull-up before you try this method. Adding weight prematurely can often lead to improper form, less range of motion, reduced control and injuries.

Use this simple routine to develop your skills and strength to challenge yourself without the need for any additional equipment or weights. Focus on your technique as you do it.

1. Pull your chin above the bar and pause at the top for 2 seconds.

2. Carefully lower yourself until your elbows are bent to 90 degrees and pause for another 2 seconds.

3. Slowly come down to a full hang, again pausing at the bottom for 2 seconds.

4. Repeat steps 1-3. Be careful not to bend your knees (bending the knees almost always leads to kipping).

5. Don’t add any weights until you’ve mastered at least 10 repetitions using this form.

Happy training and to develop your strong mind and body, always think: One. More.

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