ONE MORE | THE FLYE PRESS | by Orjan Pettersen

ONE MORE is our precise advice on improving a specific physical exercise aimed at improving your power, speed and agility to become the best self defence practitioner you can be.

In this session we cover: The Flye Press.

The Flye Press is often said to be the most effective chest (pec) builder. In self defence, a strong upper body will help in close contact fight scenarios.

A love child of a dumbbell flye and a dumbbell press, the flye press combines the eccentric (lowering) part of the movement as a flye and the concentric (lifting) part as a press.

Maximising muscle development, the key is to lengthen/stretch the muscle fibers while they're under tension, as in the lowering phase. This sets up the lifting phase to produce even more muscle-growth tension.

How to do the flye press:

Start from the top (arms in a finished dumbbell press position). Lower the weights down slowly (4-5 seconds down). You want a slight elbow bend to shift most of the work onto the pecs instead of the biceps and front delts, but not too much.

Go as low as you can, really feel a good stretch in your pecs.

In the low position, bring the dumbbells in by flexing the elbows until the forearms are perpendicular to the floor, getting into a pronated position.

Press up and slightly inward, focusing on squeezing the pecs.

When you reach the top, start again.

Do 8-10 reps per set. Lower the weight slowly and lift at a moderate speed that'll let you concentrate on contracting the pecs.

Do your required sets, e.g. 3-5. Add weight as you get stronger.

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