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ONE MORE | THE FARMER’S WALK | by Orjan Pettersen

ONE MORE is our precise advice on improving a specific physical exercise aimed at improving your power, speed and agility to become the best self defence practitioner you can be.

In this session we cover: The Farmer’s Walk.

The Farmer’s Walk is a exercise where one or more weighted heavy items are deadlifted from the floor and carried for a distance.

The exercise is a full body work-out, especially targeting the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, erectors, upper back, traps, lats, abs, biceps, triceps, forearms and hands - with an excellent cardiovascular stimulus.

As it’s also a functional exercise (it applies to daily life) and with such an expressive array of impact, how can you say No to the Farmer’s Walk?

The exercise is simple to do. Start with lighter weights (e.g. dumbbells or kettlebells) to learn the movement. You need a space of at least 10m to move into.

Reach down and grasp the weights, deadlift them up, keeping a neutral spine.

Hold the weights at your side using a firm grip and tight core and stand tall and straight throughout.

Walk at an even pace looking straight ahead. Stop at desired distance, drop the weights, rest or walk back, repeating the distance.

Do your required sets, e.g. 3-5. Add weight as you get stronger.

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