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Self defence training is product development. You’re the product.

If you already know why you started to train, you’re aware you’ve started a journey with yourself as the ultimate goal.

Whether self defence skills, physical fitness or self confidence development, personally or professionally, these acquisitions makes you a different and better person, for yourself and others, step by step, session by session.

Those who coach and mentor you are there to allow you to see your aim, your hope, inside yourself - and set you up to achieve it through knowledge and opportunity.

The rest is down to you. Your motivation turned into habits guide you forward. Your instructor and teacher helps you navigate the crossroads and provide a road map only.

You put the effort in. The hours. The focus. You control your progress.

Spending time with likeminded others, with your community and with yourself in practice makes you become your original goal.

Practice doesn’t make perfect in Krav Maga. Perfect doesn’t exist. The variables, uncertainties and dynamics of self defence is too complex. You just become better than yesterday.

Every day, this must be your aim.

KRAV MAGA LIFE and KRAV MAGA INSPIRATION are short pieces of succinct brevity aimed at capturing the discipline and positivity behind the Krav Maga lifestyle.

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