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A lot of physical training and exercise regimes have a mantra of never stopping, never quitting.

This is engrained as a means to gain better fitness, to win a trophy or maybe just personal self-satisfaction.

This is great. But it’s about something limited.

In Krav Maga, never quitting is a basic requirement of all our exercises. You can never surrender.

Why? Because on the streets there’s no time out, no break, no pause to gasp for air or to reenergise.

Once in-fight, there’s 0-100mph aggression, continuous attacks, maximum power to overwhelm the opponent physically and psychologically.

Even if you’re on the back foot, you can’t stop. That’s life and limb threatening. Simply, you may die.

That’s why Krav Maga practice is about training the quit out of you.

KRAV MAGA LIFE and KRAV MAGA INSPIRATION are short pieces of succinct brevity aimed at capturing the discipline and positivity behind the Krav Maga lifestyle.

Picture: Spartans Academy’s Krav Maga instructor Samir Pop from the Romanian Baia Mare school.

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