Taking physical action is the ultimate solution in self defence, if others options; avoidance, evasion, deescalation - have failed.

If it’s needed and justified by local law, Krav Maga has no rules. Feigning gives an advantage to you. Attacking highly vulnerable areas is a priority. Non-stop action until the threat is neutralised or you can escape is critical.

The most important part is to inflict pain, destabilisation and psychological overload onto the attacker to either defeat their ability or will to fight.

The key is therefore to deliver continuous strikes - without any cessation or hesitation - to areas with the greatest impact, whilst moving the attacker (if possible, to drive their brain to focus on balance and orientation) and move yourself to create opportunity to continue attacking to inflict more pain.

Krav Maga isn’t sport. It’s last-resort merciless and ruthless (but legal) self defence without consideration for the criminal’s well-being.

Can you do it?

KRAV MAGA LIFE and KRAV MAGA INSPIRATION are short pieces of succinct brevity aimed at capturing the discipline and positivity behind the Krav Maga lifestyle.

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