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Maybe not literally as part of your training - but as a Krav Maga practitioner you know you should cement this hardcore concept in your mind.


There are no or few rules in a predatory criminal attack, nor in frenzied social violence.

It’s the law of the jungle. Life and limbs are at stake. Yours, maybe your loved ones, too. It’s survive or die. No mercy given. No fairness given to you.

This is what Krav Maga is trying to prepare you for.

This is why training drills can be aggressive and exhausting.

This is why gradings can push you to the limit of what you can mentally and physically endure.

This is why your instructors appear unforgiving when you’re pushed mercilessly in exercises without no apparent end point.

Because there’s no surrender on the streets. You finish, you win - or you die.

Krav Maga. Because how you train is how you fight.

KRAV MAGA LIFE and KRAV MAGA INSPIRATION are short pieces of succinct brevity aimed at capturing the discipline and positivity behind the Krav Maga lifestyle.

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