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You receive so much more than these small irrelevant reminders when you train in Krav Maga.


Krav Maga is a community because the training demands that we trust our bodies as training objects to others for the most complete practice and this shared and trusting experience causes practitioners to feel a sense of family.


Because practitioners work with each other, although purely training for themselves, but without any competitions, they become obsessed with helping each other. Great skills for your training partner will mean great opportunity for you to train well, stay safe and learn, too.


Although military in origin, Krav Maga as a self defence system is designed for everyone. Naturally, as with any mechanical, motor-skill and physical movement, it will be enhanced by abilities in these areas, but it is not dependent on brute force, previous martial arts experience or long term practice before some skill acquisition is obtained.


Just like other martial arts, sports, dancing, playing an instrument or even everyday hobbies, consistent training is required to become better and better, if that’s your goal. It’s also hard work needed, from which your health and well-being will prosper.


Soon after starting Krav Maga, your new-found abilities will start to shape your life in ways you didn’t expect. Situational awareness will teach you to see the world around you more clearly and with greater analytical skills. An inner strength will shape more steeliness and confidence in handling others and new situations.

KRAV MAGA LIFE and KRAV MAGA INSPIRATION are short pieces of succinct brevity aimed at capturing the discipline and positivity behind the Krav Maga lifestyle.

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