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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

(Inspired by my coach, partner, mentor and friend Gheorghe Husar at

The OODA loop. You’ve probably heard of it. Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. The analysis sequence to take in new information, process it, make a decision on what to do - and take action.

The OODA loop is where life-saving and key decisions are made when things matter.

These decisions and actions happen when we are placed outside of our comfort zones. When life demands something different from us. When an enemy or danger, whatever form it takes, even as intangible as just irrational fear or phobia itself, stands in front of us or inside of us.

Our minds, through our primitive amygdala, takes over, threatening to overwhelm our cognitive thinking abilities, It’s freeze, flight or fight time.

What’s your response when this happens? Fear comes in many guises; their life changing event or the traumatic incident doesn’t have to be related to actual violence. We feel far in many ways. Our routine is broken. Or our planned future is torn apart. Our natural flow of how you live your life is turned upside down.

You see reactions across spectrum. Some freeze. They find it difficult to adapt to something new and to find alternative ways to live a healthy, positive and purposeful lifestyle, physically and mentally. This is not criticism. many events can carry truly devastating impacts on people’s lives.

Others take flight. They find it difficult to mentally overcome the threat and either become unduly fearful and isolated, maybe seeking solace in less productive and ultimately pointless entertainment or escapism to avoid the perception and reality of the new world thrust upon them. They may feel painful or scared and need the influence of something else, whatever this is. A few are just bored, feeling unable to create or produce meaning with their time.

Many choose to fight. To them, this is a challenge. Life doesn’t stop. It has just temporarily changed. They adapt. They observe what’s happening, orient to what they can do about it, decide what actions are available to them - and act. They do not panic. They have an attitude to stay strong. To keep their mind clear. To rely on and trust their own resourcefulness.

They fight by staying steadfast, throwing away negativity and nourishing themselves healthily. They find opportunity to exercise. They sleep sufficiently with less worry due to their mental attitude.

They know this is temporary and adapt temporarily. With their business, with their family, with their personal time.

They improvise. They overcome. They succeed.

Is this you? If not, be inspired to make it you. It’s always within you, whoever you are.

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