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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

We can’t control life and what other people do. We can however control how we react to what happens to us - and how our brain responds to the stimuli we receive.

The way we think about our circumstances generate feelings about the situation we’re in. These emotions can be both positive or negative.

These sentiments become our worldview. Towards life, towards people, towards what we think and do.

Here are five simple steps to how you can help create positive responses and behaviours.

Reward yourself for small goals that you reach. This reward motivated behaviour, even a self-congratulatory thought, will release dopamine for each goal, making the next goal easier and more repeatable. You’re simply tricking your own brain’s chemical system to help you out - being your own doctor, prescribing yourself a drug to ‘cure’ you. Put Dr. in front of your name.

Smile. When your brain is overloaded and stressed, it looks to your biomechanics to to help it figure out how to deal with it. Smiling, sitting or standing up with a positive body posture gives your mind biofeedback to keep fighting and not be overwhelmed. Try it out.

Get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep aids a depressed state, enough sleep fights it. Expose yourself to bright sunlight during the day and dim the light at night (avoiding electronic screens). Sleep yourself healthier.

Exercise. Releasing feel-good endorphins at regular intervals, even with an early morning walk, run or workout sets you up for positive feelings. Happy people move faster, depressed people slump. Your body is designed to move. Mobility tells your mind things are ok.

Don’t overthink the problem. Stay light and loose in your thinking. Then deal with it. If not, chances are you create a mind-virus, a deeper cementing of negative and erroneous thoughts around every possible bad outcome or undesirable reaction or reason around the problem you’re facing. The problem will often resolve itself or not be as serious as you think. Don’t be your own enemy.

Not feeling motivated to train hard? Do it easy and see where it goes. Let it build. Like Lego, it takes a few bricks. You make the bricks, each day. Play, then be proud of what you created. Some bricks are small, other bigger. That’s ok.

Not experiencing your goals being achieved or not seeing them clearly enough? That’s ok, too. It’s a journey over time. Just like steps on a long scenic walk, enjoy each dopamine hit step and look at the landscape ahead, where you’ll be, in time.

Fuel yourself. Good food. Exercise. Rest. Little tricks to keep discipline going.

Voila, you’re there. Now, what’s next?

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