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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

All physical training - whether for sport, self-improvement or self-defence - places demands on your body and mind. These demands are simply better met by the strength of the physiology and psychology we can muster to engage with the training regime we have designed for ourselves.

To do this, there are fundamental things we all should be doing to help stay ready, healthy and protected to face our physical training goals and ambitions.

Let’s take action and prepare the right way. These are the basics.

First step: Get plenty of sleep!

Set a bed time, make sure you‘re getting 7-8 hours sleep per night. This takes no zero effort at all - and it’s free. There is little point in taking control of your food and training if you can’t take your sleep seriously. A lack of sleep has a significant impact on performance, cognitive abilities and recovery. It’s a must-have.

Next up: Nutrition!

Cook your own meals, pack them full of veg/fruit/protein so your body can absorb as many vitamins and minerals as possible and give yourself body enough protein to repair itself efficiently. Get plenty of fluids - (minimum 500ml per 20kg of body weight, more if training hard and in a hot place). Physical training breaks your body down for the repair process to build it back stronger. Nutrition is the fuel for this process.

Then: Exercise!

Train regularly, build a strong heart and set of lungs. Strengthen your body and muscles. Do functional exercises to build mobility and flexibility. Stretch to recover better and prevent injuries. Exercise should deliver all-round benefits. Don’t exclude some areas (e.g. resistance training only, no cardio - or vice versa) so you eliminate weaknesses. All-round strength, mobility, power, endurance requires an all-round approach to fitness.

Last thing: Recover.

Don’t push it past your limits all of the time, listen to your body; if it needs rest, then rest. It’s great to push yourself to your max, or gain DOMS (soreness in muscles), but not every single day. Learn to understand your body’s needs and take control of your health. Simply, you can’t train when your injured and your progress will cease when overtraining.

This is not new, but existing advice.

Start taking action now. Your body will thank you, whatever happens down the line.

Source: LATUS Training, #Hull, #England (edited).

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